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Small Business

Bagels on the Hill

Local Favorite Bagel Shop

B2C / Web Development + Content Creation + Social Media Management


Organic Traffic Increase


Increase in Audience Engagement


Day turnaround


Bagels on the Hill is a family-owned eatery that was first established in 1991.  All of our bagels are baked fresh every morning, made from fresh ingredients that are rolled, boiled and baked to the perfect bagel our community has loved for over 30 years. Currently owned and operated by Michael and Betty Ann Culvert, with the help of their daughters Michelle and Amy. Bagels on the Hill also provides a deli counter and catering with a wide variety of homemade salads, sandwiches, party subs and hot trays to choose from.

About the Project

Bagels on the Hill is a local favorite, needing to update their web presence to reach their evolving customer base. 

What We Did

With very little web presence or engagement, we redesigned and rebuilt Bagel on the Hill’s web presence, unified other platforms such as DoorDash and GrubHub, and implemented a social media strategy to connect and engage with their local audience. 

With our professional photography and videography focusing on their popular products, lifestyle and brand-specific content, we leveraged this content towards their Facebook audience to boost growth and engagement, continuing to manage and engage with their audience, allowing Bagels on the Hill to focus on what's most important; Bagels. 

Business Type

Local Bagel Shop

Value Added

Web Development
Content Creation

Social Media Management

Online Ordering







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Customized Web Development

Engaging & fun.

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Professional Photography

Behind the scenes, lifestyle & studio.

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Customized Social Posts

Content that engages with audiences
And boosts online presence.

Custom Video

A series of videos that dramatically
Boosted engagement. See the 
Numbers yourself.
- 17,000+ engagements & interactions
- 2,000% increase in traffic

Digital Menu Installation

From a static in-store menu to digital. We created the design and implemented the installation.

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