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Eastside Bulk


B2B / Website Development + Digital Marketing

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Eastside Bulk is a family-owned, full-service construction and decorative grade dry materials provider: making us a one-stop shop for the consumer. We are licensed, bonded, and insured in all fifty states and primarily operate in the northeast region of the U.S. from North Carolina to Massachusetts. We own and operate our own fleet of trucks.

The Challenge

Eastside Bulk came to us at their early stages of inception. They needed to develop their brand, implement a modernized website with focus on lead generation and initiate a Digital Marketing strategy.

The Solution

We implemented a modern website balancing UI & UX best practices with focus on lead generation.

We quickly identified that Facebook and Search Engines, primarily Google, are huge channels for customer acquisition.  Our PPC campaigns and remarking ads generated thousands of potential leads.

In a year, Eastside bulk become a major player within their region and continues to grow. They currently operate in multiple states webbing throughout the trig-state area.

Business Type

Bulk Transportation

Value Added

Web Development
Digital Marketing Strategy


WIX, Facebook, Google

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"SeedTech provides an excellent service for an affordable price. I couldn't be happier with my web design and online presence. In addition, Seed handles everything from new employee setup, to server maintenance, as well as hardware, software, and file backup, we literally don't have to worry about anything. May 2021 be a great year for this growing company!"

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Marketing Strategy

Google Ads + Facebook Ads

We implemented robust short & long-tail keyword research that ESB could compete and build momentum off of. Those ads began to generate substantial leads within months and continues to grow. 
We layered Facebook campaigns to increase the depth of information about ESB’s services by leveraging prospective marketing and intelligent a/b remarketing campaigns.


Targeted ads and audiences to re-engage previous visitors, customers, & leads.

Creative Messaging

We created specific ads, targeting, improved ad text and creative messaging to identify potential opportunities, maximize ROI and lower CPC’s.

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