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Small Business

VYan HotPot & BBQ

Fresh Korean Cuisine

B2C + Content Creation + Ad Management + Social Media Management

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V Yan Hot Pot & BBQ has been serving the best food for years. They only use the finest and freshest ingredients. They also have a full Catering menu for parties and events. A local favorite for fresh Korean cuisine. 

The Challenge

V Yan Hot Pot  & BBQ needed to increase their audience and attention of the restaurant, as well as bring customers back in after being affected by Covid-19 closing the business down temporarily.  

The Solution

We revamp many facets of V-Yan’s web presence, unify these platforms and tools, and implemented a social media strategy to connect and engage with the local audience. 

We leveraged their Facebook audience to boost growth and engagement through consistent and engaging posting schedules paired with a Digital Marketing initiative focusing on specific audiences (local audiences & re-engaging previous customers)

Business Type

Local Restaurant 

Value Added

Digital Marketing
Social Media Management





Meaningful Impressions


Increase in Customer Check-ins


Day turnaround


Professional Photography

Behind the scenes, lifestyle & studio.

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