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Certified COVID-19 Safety Compliance Services

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SCS is a team of Compliance Officers certified by expert health organizations, trained to monitor productions for safety issues, as well as guided by National, State, Local and Union guidelines for work during the pandemic.  Their work helps to ensure consistent workplace safety as well as successful production in LA, NYC and more cities across the US. 

The Challenge

As one of the first, SCS had a solution to continue production for all filming halted due to Covid-19. With information changing almost daily, SCS needed a way to offer their services with a manageable tool. 

The Solution

Designing and building a web presence for SCS allowed them to quickly rise to the top of Covid related safety services working with well known companies such as Amazon, Google, Sony Music and Capital Records to provide a safe environment and aiding in all resources related with Covid-19 for production including partnering with TTS for onsite custom testing solutions. 

Business Type

Safety Com

Value Added

Web Development



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