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Drew & Rogers

Customize your Packaging

B2C / Custom website + 3D modeling

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Customize and create a mailer or shipping box inside a real-time 3d instance with a seamless checkout experience. Dynamically change the dimensions, materials, quantity while easily designing  the box you want. Build a robust dynamic pricing model that accurately represents a users selections. This what Drew & Rogers was looking for and this is what we delivered.

Custom Wordpress

Finding the right platform can be a tedious and arduous task, especially when the use case is outside the familiarity of what a platform is “use to”. For us, Wordpress made the most sense. It’s a platform the D&R team is familiar with and the passed all the technical requirements and deliverables to bring the site to the finish line.

Going 3D

We leveraged the robust API offerings of Instabox 3D’s box costuming tool to integrate seamlessly into a customized Wordpress instance. This allowed us to tailor the entire customer experience and journey.

With a number of variables that affect pricing (dimensions, materials, shipping, etc) we created a dynamic pricing model to reflect real-time accurate pricing based on a users selections.

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