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What is SEO? We can explain simply.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Why is it Important?

Ok, so you have a website or maybe just created one. Problem is, it’s lost amongst the millions of websites in search engines like Google. How do you get your website to rank higher or simply drive more traffic? Well that’s a key pain-point for the majority of businesses. This is where SEO comes in. Sure you can throw buckets of cash into digital ads (PPC) but we want organic traffic! Traffic that doesn’t fall dead when the PPC budget runs out. This doesn’t mean PPC is highly effective, (check out some tips for boost your PPC game.) which it is, but paired with a strong SEO strategy can provide your business immense value. Let’s dive in.

For most of us, we know SEO is important but it’s quite unknown territory. What is it? How does it even work? And how does it add value to my business or organization?

The internet provides a variety of good definitions, but let’s simplify it:

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of influencing the position of your website on search engines results like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This process aims to increase the visibility of your website on search engines and drive meaningful traffic to your website.

Meaningful traffic = ROI!

How does SEO work?

The funny thing about having a website, is that it needs gas to rank higher on Google or other search engines. What’s the SEO fuel that websites run on? The SEO process consists of following elements:

  1. On-Page (optimizing your website itself).

  2. Off-Page (Link building).

  3. Technical (coding, hosting, redirects, & navigational type optimizations).

How does SEO provide value?

You stand to gain a number of benefits from optimizing your website for search engines; Brand awareness, improved web traffic, improved organic searches, all translating to sales and growth. Having a strong digital presence is not only important for driving organic traffic and increasing sales, but further nurtures trust and reliability with your audience.

The Daunting Task of DIY SEO

Today, search engines takes into account over 200 factors when placing your website’s rank!

Seedtech consultants constantly keep up to date on the ever-changing parameters and analyze “best practices” to work with that tricky google algorithm. Our solutions pair responsive web design, digital marketing (PPC), and SEO into cohesive strategies. All Seedtech websites are built with SEO in mind. Whether your website is your “digital business card”, e-commerce or CMS platform, we develop websites that are designed to grow your SEO and drive meaningful traffic. It’s about getting out there and driving the right audience to your website.

Do you want to grow your SEO audience? Get a free consultation and SEO audit with Seedtech.

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