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Cutting Edge Stencils

Leading DIY Stenciling

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Cutting Edge Stencils produces some of the most beautiful and unique decorative stencils for today’s DIY-er.  They’ve been featured on TV, in major design magazines and on 1000s of DIY blogs. We’ve created hundreds of beautiful, user friendly stencils and innovative stenciling tools such as our patented Clip On Stencil Level. Cutting Edge Stencils has become one of the largest and most popular stencil companies with a huge following. Today we continue teaching, inspiring and empowering the ever growing DIY community.

The Challenge

Amazon, Google & Social are huge channels for customer acquisition but Cutting Edge Stencils had been having trouble getting them to convert.


The Solution

We revamped each platform's Ad account to improve the ads, targeting, customer funnel and messaging. We were able to turn every platform into one profitable and scalable revenue sources.

Business Type

Interior Decorating

Value Added

Digital Marketing Strategy


Google Ads


Facebook + Instagram


Another beast revenue source for CES. We made sure their account was setup and cohesive before we implemented an ad strategy. The results quickly became a top revenue source.

7.2x ROI

1,200 conversions

30 day turnaround

Google Ads

We took over CES’ Google Ad account and saw month over month growth.  Turning it into a major Revenue source in under a year.

10.4x ROI

4,700 conversions

12 month view

Marketing Strategy

Google Ads, Amazon & Facebook/IG Ads

We tackled each platform independently and carefully developed a cohesive funnel, ad creative, and strategy that drastically turned their marketing platforms into omni-channel beast.


Targeted ads and audiences to re-engage previous visitors, customers, & leads.

Creative Messaging

We created specific ads, targeting, improved ad text and creative messaging to identify potential opportunities, maximize ROI and lower CPC’s.

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